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Saving People. Hunting Things.

The Family Business

A Daily Supernatural Community
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The Devil's Trap.
for supernatural fans

Welcome to thedevilstrap, a daily picture and quote community dedicated to the amazing show that is Supernatural. Here you'll find daily doses of our favorite Winchester boys, as well as some of the other characters who have made this show such love.

and extra info.

» Posts are compiled by your friendly mods.
» All images will be coloured and cropped. But feel free to drop a comment and ask for the originals, if you wish.
» Please do not use these images for your personal graphics, ask for the original pictures and use those.
» No bashing. If you don't like the show and/or have something against the boys, take your anger elsewhere. We aren't interested.
» If you'd like to recommend an image/screencap, you do not have to directly contact a mod, rather just leave a comment at this post.
» Have fun and enjoy the eye candy! ♥
and other references.

suggestion box
official cw website
supernatural interactive
spn hq screencaps
jensen fans
jared fans

with thanks.

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